Android on freerunner review (With Sean Mcneil image)

Gothnet openmoko at
Tue Dec 23 16:01:03 CET 2008

Wendy-2 wrote:
>  I did some short review of Android image on freerunner, here is the
> result.
>  And you can find PDF file here:
> on freerunner
>  review.pdf

Has Sean released a new image since December 5th or is it the same one we
discussed here -

Also, which kernel did you use? The tracking kernel (which requires a change
to the uboot environment to get going, as it's over 2MB) seemed to have some
of the suspend stuff fixed, though not completely. OTOH bluetooth didn't
work IIRC.

And is Rui's keyboard no longer part of it? I was able to interact with a
lot of stuff using that. Can't say I ever sent an SMS because it stopped
registering on the GSM network after a day or so, but I could use it for
other bits and pieces.

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