How do I make Xglamo read directly from the touchscreen?

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Fri Dec 26 21:38:14 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|>>> With the latest kernel we can use the Touchscreen with no further
|>>> user-space filtering. I'd like to test this.
|>> What is the benefit?
|> Briefly stated: We think it's better if the driver sends only good
data to
|> the applications. If there are multiple distributions for a device (there

| Ouch, this looks like a huge step backward. tslib has the stackable
| architecture for a reason. Where is the connection between the
| for evdev and the calibration data?

It's a good point, is there a way to associate the input event device
that sends coordinates with the way that you set its calibration?

| It has so many layering violations that I don't know where to start
and can

Cleaning of touchscreen data in kernel itself violates nothing; before
the decimation in-kernel that we have now was done, there was a dumb and
inadequate 32-sample averaging action in-kernel anyway, followed by tslib.

Now the arrangements in kernel that are specific to the touchscreen
shipped give great data already, tslib seems needless.  If I understood
what Nelson is asking, it's just about removing tslib from inbetween the
input subsystem data and XGlamo.  Not -->

| just propose to do right mouse button emulation and sending of relative
| coordinates in kernel as well... But then you could just write another
| input_handler sending out PS2 compatible coordinates...
| Where was this discussed?

All of this other stuff just got invented on this thread: kernel
touchscreen filter stack has been discussed on kernel list several times.

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