How do I make Xglamo read directly from the touchscreen?

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Fri Dec 26 22:36:42 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| On Friday 26 December 2008 21:38:14 Andy Green wrote:
|> | for evdev and the calibration data?
|> It's a good point, is there a way to associate the input event device
|> that sends coordinates with the way that you set its calibration?
| With tslib? Yes. in the ts.conf you define which input_raw which
device to use
| and then stack modules and its configuration on top.

I was asking Nelson; a symlink with known path and event index in it
will solve it.

| 	- XCalibrate Extension -> broken, so user recalibration is not working

Let me simplify the thread by pointing out the kernel side of this is
already implemented for a while and is completely backwards compatible
with tslib and tslib applets by default, so all this talk of destruction
does not apply.

| 	- Currently (from the sysfs interface) it looks like all this is
| in one driver, with a userspace hat on I would like to wait until this
is more
| generalized, with my kernel hat and iPAQ history I would be surprised
if a in
| kernel calibration, linearisation will end in the kernel.

No the kernel touchscreen filter stuff is independent of the driver, it
is implemented separately and resuably.;a=blob;f=drivers/input/touchscreen/s3c2410_ts.c;h=4159adaec7c5fe5e88a34f78158f085cbd8d3f4e;hb=andy-tracking

| have fun

I agree upstream requirement for tslib seems entrenched, and yet we have
a really good solution for GTA02 touchscreen function in kernel now that
we didn't have before, and couldn't get until now in tslib.  And that's
true whether upstream sees value in no-tslib solution or not.

It'll help getting this upstream if it allows complete removal of tslib,
~ so it's good to hear these points, but it's also good Nelson is asking
about what's involved to remove the anomalies created by tslib elsewhere
as part of studying that...

- -Andy
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