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Sat Dec 27 07:17:11 CET 2008

Hi Werner,

Thank you for the reply.

>You mean you want to have a boot menu (instead of the current u-boot
>menu) that uses the touch screen ?

Yes. I want a Graphical UI instead of the character based uboot menu ui.
Which will have 2 big icons showing Qtopia & Android. When user selects
that particular platform should come up.

So, Will the process go like this, after boot up?

1) The u-boot will start the above mentioned "small Linux system" 
2) Shows the Menu.
3) After user selection, using kexec will start either mount the Qtopia
rootfs or Android rootfs and invoke the startup processes.

Step 3 is confusing to me. Can you please elaborate a bit? And also,
Can you give me some pointers where to start with Qi? I am new to
all these things.



Werner Almesberger wrote:
> ramsarvan wrote:
>> I want to have a boot menu which shows the touch based 
>> platform selection options.
> You mean you want to have a boot menu (instead of the current u-boot
> menu) that uses the touch screen ?
>> Is that possible to do?
> That would certainly be possible to do, but ... may I suggest that,
> if you embark on that mission, that you base your work on Qi ?
> More specifically, that you don't actually change the boot loader
> but make a small Linux system that does nothing but bring up the
> menu and then execute the respective choice with kexec.
> An example of such a system is in
> (that's the infrastructure for the work-in-progress GSM firmware
> update, so please just ignore everything that says "GSM" or
> "Calypso".)
> This is a little more work than just hacking a touch screen driver
> into u-boot, but it also gives you a lot more flexibility, and you
> don't have to duplicate functionality we already have in the kernel.
> (E.g., touch screen filtering :-)
> Plus, we plan to bury u-boot before long (and dance on its grave),
> but a kexec-using solution would remain usable virtually forever.
> - Werner
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