Android on freerunner review (With Sean Mcneil image)

Wendy wendy_hung at
Tue Dec 30 07:47:46 CET 2008

let me add more info from my side here.

> > [Battery Life]
> > * It's not really charging, even you plug in AC charger or USB cable, the
> > power still reducing.
> It was charging very nicely, could monitor the charging (battery
> charge %) easily in the Settings area.
> The battery lasted about 4, max 5 hours.
> The only problem is, that if it completely discharged, had to use
> another distro to boot from, otherwise it just takes too long time in
> the boot process until the charging code kicks in (i guess), and could
> not get it booted.

I also saw the "charging %" but i noticed that even you plug in the AC charger 
the % is not rising up but reducing, that's why i said it's not charging. 
(always happen)

> > [Calling]
> > * GSM signal strength seems a bit unstable, sometimes just can't get any
> > signal then I have to boot again.
> Signal was quite good, actually I got better signal sometimes than
> with my normal Nokia (okay, that's not a qualitative comparison),
> though I sometimes it took a while to register to the network.

I reboot several times, 5 out of 10 try the signal will not come up. 
But when it has the signal it was good.

> > * Call quality is good.
> The people on the other end of the call can hear me very nicely, but
> the sound level on the Freerunner is so low, that couldn't understand
> anything if not in a completely quiet environment. Keyboard volume +/-
> keys are not working (and even if they would be, it takes black magic
> to get them during a call)

Sorry i did not try that on the busy stree. I think you're right, the volume 
keys are broken, so that will be hard to adjust the volume. But there's no 
obvious buzz or noice while phoning.

> > [Contacts]
> > * Can't read contacts saved in SIM.
> Can load SIM contacts without problem, though only one by one (as I
> checked, the original Android code has an "import all" function, not
> just an "import this one", though missing from this build, not sure
> why.) Cannot save to SIM, however..

My situation was: I have several contacts saved in the SIM card, but when i 
open the contact in the phone it show my empty contact list....

> [System]
> > * Can't set ringtone after X hour usage
> I couldn't set ringtone almost at all. When starting the Ringtones
> from the Settings menu, it opened and closed right away, the log
> saying that "low memory". When setting ringtone for individual
> contacts from the contact list, it worked, though...

The first boot after flashed the image, it can open the ringtone files. But i 
did not get any error message like your "low memory", because i did not read 
the log?

Thanks for your information, Greg. :)


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