Android on freerunner review (With Sean Mcneil image)

Gergely Imreh imrehg at
Tue Dec 30 08:05:21 CET 2008


  I'm not sure whether some of the issues are because we used
different kernel? For example the charging issue (no problem here,
borked for you) could be such hardware compatibility... Unfortunately
Sean does not have earlier versions up on the wiki (that would have
been really really useful before as well), so I cannot test it right
now, how it work for me.

> I reboot several times, 5 out of 10 try the signal will not come up.
> But when it has the signal it was good.
Different GSM firmware? Should check mine, haven't changed it since I
got my Neo.

> Sorry i did not try that on the busy stree. I think you're right, the volume
> keys are broken, so that will be hard to adjust the volume. But there's no
> obvious buzz or noice while phoning.
Don't even have to be a busy street, just anywhere where there's any
other sound source (neighbour talking, tv, traffic on the street
outside...) and I could hardly hear anything. It was very clear,
though. ;)

> My situation was: I have several contacts saved in the SIM card, but when i
> open the contact in the phone it show my empty contact list....
No, it does not show up automatically, in the contact app there's a
menu of something like "Import contacts from SIM" where it loads those
contacts and you can import them one by one. I'm not sure about the
exact location (have to flash it back and check it again), but might
be reached from the keyboard menu:  power button (menu) -> settings ->
(If anyone know it exactly, please correct me, otherwise I will check
it after reflash.)

> The first boot after flashed the image, it can open the ringtone files. But i
> did not get any error message like your "low memory", because i did not read
> the log?
I checked using ADB, because it was really bugging me, that it showed
up for a split second and then gone. And no matter how many reboots,
or how much free space, or when checking, it didn't work. The relevant
log section is on Sean's discussion page:

I still wonder about the root of these differences. The many hardware
versions caused differences with OM before as well, so that could be a


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