environment-setup vs. setup-env

Peter Nijs peter at familienijs.be
Wed Dec 31 14:31:21 CET 2008


I just struggled myself through the toochain wiki page and managed to compile, 
package and run the sample application on my freerunner. Now during this 
struggle I noticed that the script "environment-setup" is almost entirely 
contained in the script "setup-env". Only "LIBTOOL_SYSROOT_PATH" isn't in 
"setup-env". Now I have just added the libtool thing to "setup-env" so I can 
forget about "environment-setup".

Now, is this a smart thing to do or is there really a big difference between 
the use of them two? In the beginning I tried to keep them apart (before I 
looked inside). I thought one was for installing libraries and the other was 
for compiling. If that's the case, the wiki page should be more clear about 
that because I was really confused. In the other case I suggest just dropping 
the environment-setup and adding the libtool variable to setup-env.

Happy newyear,

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