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Hi everyone,

I want to inform you about some changes that are planed for our public mailinglists.

the mailinglists openmoko-devel and distro-devel will merege to a new 
mailinglist called devel. all users are auto subscribed to the new lists. the 
old archives of openmoko- and distro-devel will be available on your pipermail 


the mailinglist device-owners will change its name to 
support at from this point on we will deactivate 
support at and .com. please use the new list instead.

th archives of device-owners will not move to the new list. please refer them 
over pipermail.



El dom, 13-07-2008 a las 20:06 -0400, Sean Silveira escribió:
> please remove me from this email list
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