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Cesar Eduardo Barros cesarb at
Mon Jul 14 13:35:42 CEST 2008

Jeffrey Malone escreveu:
> Odds are, this concept could be heavily expanded upon (twitter?), and it 
> offers the following advantages over data:
>  - More reliable.  Data can run into a lot more problems than SMS.  
> Plus, there is no general "loss", even if you lose signal, the SMS comes 
> in once you get it back
>  - Less power.  As the data is truly an "on demand" "connection", you 
> don't need to maintain an active connection.
>  - No data costs for those who live in places with expensive data
> Conversely, there are some disadvantages:
>  - Higher latency
>  - Lack of features active connections offer (eg, AIM's "buddy is 
> typing", etc)

There's another disadvantage: SMS is often much more expensive than 
data. For instance, last I checked on my current carrier a SMS message 
was R$ 0,36 for the 140-byte message, while 10 kilobytes of GPRS data 
cost R$ 0,05 (both without any special plans or promotions).

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