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Mon Jul 14 14:39:31 CEST 2008

Hi Jeffrey,

Please tell me more about your application.
What exactly you want to do?
And so far how much you have done.

I have experience in designing a sms application which can be used to send
the sms in Bulk.

which was supporting all wap/gprs application as well but bearer type was

I might provide my assistance for this application.

Kind regards,
Mahendra Panpalia

On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 1:14 AM, Jeffrey Malone <ieatlint at>

> Hi,
> I'm interested in suggestions/comments/etc with regards to SMS-based
> applications.  What I mean by this, is an application which uses SMS instead
> of data (GPRS/wifi) to work.
> Examples could include:
> AOL AIM client using shortcode support
> Google SMS query support through a more convenient interface
> (In my specific case) San Francisco MUNI support, which allows
> you to lookup when a bus is coming via SMS, or schedule an alert for when a
> bus is Xmin away.
> Odds are, this concept could be heavily expanded upon (twitter?), and it
> offers the following advantages over data:
>  - More reliable.  Data can run into a lot more problems than SMS.  Plus,
> there is no general "loss", even if you lose signal, the SMS comes in once
> you get it back
>  - Less power.  As the data is truly an "on demand" "connection", you don't
> need to maintain an active connection.
>  - No data costs for those who live in places with expensive data
> Conversely, there are some disadvantages:
>  - Higher latency
>  - Lack of features active connections offer (eg, AIM's "buddy is typing",
> etc)
> I am aware of a Google Summer of Code project,
> , but its documentation is
> predictably minimal, and it is unclear if the base will be compatible with
> this.
> Furthermore, it would seem that any code that is written be portable and
> not tied to a specific image.  However I keep hearing FSO is the future, but
> a quick look at its API seems devoid of any mention of SMS.
> Anyway, I am a relatively novice programmer, and I'm soliciting comments,
> ideas, criticisms, etc.  If someone has a specific interest in assisting me,
> or handling such a project themselves, let me know.
> Jeffrey Malone
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Thanks & kind regards,
Mahendra P.
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