qpe on gta01

jluis at escomposlinux.org jluis at escomposlinux.org
Wed Jul 16 16:38:37 CEST 2008

> ons, 16 07 2008 kl. 14:55 +0200, skrev Jose Luis Perez Diez:
>> if you have an SD card in the phone qpe scans the media for documents.
>> it
>> could timing consuming an is done every boot as this storage is marked
>> as
>> removable.
> This makes sense.. But I really don't think this should happen on ASU.
> I don't like it.
I tink that it is the default in qtopia sources.

> What does this help? Programs can say: list all audiofiles? This is not
> good enough for this heavy slowdown IMO.

from what is in /opt/Qtopia/etc/default/Trolltech/Storage.conf
Name[] = SD Card
Removable = 1
Applications = 1
Documents = 1
ContentDatabase = 1

looks like it is scaning all the files.

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