SIM access

Holger Freyther zecke at
Sat Jul 19 23:14:30 CEST 2008

On Saturday 19 July 2008 22:12:49 frang (moko-devel) wrote:
> Those links are interesting, thank you.  I've also been poking at things
> more.  I am, admittedly new to the phone space for coding, and I freely
> admit I'm just hacking for now.  I find it helps me learn about things
> quickly, if organically.  Poking around the system, I found (sometimes
> after some searching on the wiki) mechanisms for accessing most of the
> hardware. Though the SIM seemed to be missing.  I've found some things in
> /home/root/.evolution, and I've found some python snippets that (for
> example) pull contacts from libgsmd-tool via AT commands.  These are both
> interesting.  The former, however, seems incomplete, and the later I need
> to do more reading to determine what AT commands exist.  Though this later
> seems clumsy from a system perspective.  Prior to this I was thinking of
> hacking something that would expose data from the SIM in /proc.  Now I'm
> investigating what is filling in the data in /home/root/.evolution and try
> to understand that better.

Have fun exploring. You use the OM2007.2 stack. So you have gsmd[1] for 
handling the modem and various software to handle the telephony part[2]. To 
admit I don't know who is copying/synchronizing data from the SIM to the 
evolution addressbook in OM2007.2. All I know is the PIM apps are 
based/derived from pimlico of o-hand[3].

happy hacking


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