Request: Provide some sort of Changelog w/ daily builds

Holger Freyther zecke at
Sun Jul 20 10:08:12 CEST 2008

On Sunday 20 July 2008 09:18:11 Dustin Knie wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been trying to follow the various mailing lists and seeing the
> progress being done, as well as mentions of patches and features making it
> into daily builds, I'm seeing a very useful procedure not being used. I
> would love to see changelogs posted with the daily builds of things like
> the kernel and rootfs builds.  I'm not asking for something really
> detailed, although that would be most welcome. I really just want a quick
> look at what was changed/added/removed/etc so that people have an idea of
> what to expect.
> Keep of the excellent work, the progress being made recently is impressive.
> I hope to contribute in the community soon as I find the time to help out.

Hey Dustin,

I don't really know what you are looking for. The distro team is doing the 
integration work (upgrading packages, making sure they work with each other) 
every our commit should say what and why something is done and hopefully this 
all fits in the 80 char soft limit for the summary line.

So if something like the below is useful someone could send it once every 
week. Were you looking for something like this?


git-shortlog b3c154c31b998c256d4c0c7a032b3616abf51007..
Carsten Haitzler (8):
      rev illume to 1 second after blank for suspend
      update illume to use new ompower and new bindings and actions for 
      remove etk patch
      illume - fix fullscreen windows with layering.
      up EFL to include etk momentum scroll fixes.
      update illum config
      up exposure to srcrev 55 to fix blank vs suspend timeout.
      turn off banner output to cleaner boot

Chia-I Wu (2):
      add/update more maps
      add/update checksums of maps

Holger Hans Peter Freyther (32):
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to the latest stable kernel
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get the various callscreen improvements
      [srcrev] Get the callscreen state transition fixes from Qtopia
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia. Revert micro optimisation and improved 
      [srcrev] Upgrade splinter as of Chia-I Wu's request
      [task] Bump the PR of task-openmoko-feed to force a rebuild
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 194 for GUI changed as requested by tick
      [assassin-thumbnail] Add tick's assassin-thumbnail recipe
      [openmoko feed] Add assassin-thumbnail to the openmoko feed
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to get further improved call handling
      [qtopia] Disable parallel make for Qtopia, it is breaking...
      [initscripts] Fork the for Openmoko
      [initscripts] Remove ldconfig call from the initscript to gain a speed 
      Remove the ldconfig call from the right file. This revers/fixes up
      [glibc] Split up to allow to install other paths by other 
      [qtopia] Install a hint for ldconfig to find the Qtopia directory
      Move the banner change to a openmoko specific file. And remove stuff we 
don't use
      [qtopia] Pipe the output of qpe through the "logger" utility
      [qtopia] The app to inform illume about incoming calls was never 
implemented, remove
      [qtopia] Remove the helpbrowser from the image. Qtopia should disable 
the Help entry
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia to a version with various fixes
      [srcrev] Attempt at a stable kernel update.
      [qtopia] Add a openmoko/ASU specific ring profile setting
      [qtopia] Use packagearch all for the openmoko profile data
      [srcrev] Upgrade stable kernel to get some more suspend/resume fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade Qtopia for some cosmetic changes
      [qtopia/srcrev] Increase the SRCREV, remove the "active call" desktop 
      [ringtone] Make Ring Only what it says
      [srcrev] Upgrade assassin to 198 for various bugfixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade splinter for bugfixes and animation changes as of 
Jeremy's request
      [srcrev] Upgrade assasin to benefit from various bug fixes
      [srcrev] Upgrade the kernel to latest stable

Julian_chu (20):
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 174.
      [Assassin] Add curl to assassin's depends.
      [efl] etk didn't initial scrolled_view correctly.
      [splinter] Bump up the reversion of Splinter to 462
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 193
      [efl] Remove entry edbus_edbus in PACKAGES of
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Add
      [diversity] Add default map packages into task-openmoko-asu-feed
      [openmoko] Change default feed repository
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Fix a stupid mistake
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Remove diversity-nav from asu-feed.
      [openmoko-asu-feed] Bump up PR of asu-feed to force rebuild
      [opkg] Bump up the reversion of opkg to 4528
      [assassin] Bump up the reversion of assassin to 195
      [assassin] Remove curl in DEPENDS of assassin
      [packagekit] Add a patch to packagekit.
      [assassin-thumbnail] Bump up the reversion of assassin-thumbnail to 4529
      [openmoko] Add assassin-thumbnail into ASU image

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