u-boot recipe for OM git tree

Mike Montour mail at mmontour.net
Mon Jul 21 01:14:53 CEST 2008

On 20-Jul-08, at 12:59 AM, Andy Green wrote:

> | I have also added a UBOOT_MACHINES entry for "gta02v6", although  
> I'm not
> | sure if this is required or if the "gta02v5" u-boot can be used  
> instead
> | (with the software auto-detecting the actual board revision  
> through GPIO
> | pins).
> Yes it is OK, we fixed U-Boot GTA02 at v5 and will use the revision  
> pins
> you mentioned.  So all shipping GTA02 should use the same "v5" U- 
> Boot setup.

In that case, I wonder if it might be better for the default recipe to  
build only the version of u-boot that corresponds to the mass-produced  
devices. It would simplify things for regular users if they did not  
have to figure out their board revision and then look for for the  
corresponding u-boot image in the daily buildhost directory, although  
it would be a slight inconvenience for anyone wanting to upgrade an  
earlier prototype.

This can be implemented by commenting out the UBOOT_MACHINES line in  
the recipe and adding machine-specific ones:

UBOOT_MACHINES_om-gta01 = "gta01bv4"
UBOOT_MACHINES_om-gta02 = "gta02v5"

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