mokomakefile local.conf setting?

Jim Morris ml at
Mon Jul 21 02:38:01 CEST 2008

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Jim Morris wrote:
>> Thanks Guys.
>> I added it to two places in the Wiki, just after where it tells you to 
>> do make setup, and in the useful make targets sections.
> Thanks Jim.
>> Now I just need it to get through a build on my Ubunto Hardy system, 
>> seems to crap out building the compiler, I'll investigate further and 
>> report back.
> That one looks like a real OE error - you may want to report it in the 
> OE bug tracker as it's not Openmoko specific.

Yup it looks like an OE error, I think the problem is AS has not been patched to ignore the -Qy options.

Unfortunately I have not had much success getting OE to build either and so far have been unable to 
contribute to development.

I'll try to report the bug, but there are several bugs I have run into that have been reported 
several months ago and have not been fixed either I finally gave up on trying to get OE to build.

I don't know what host systems OE runs on but it certainly doesn't work on a fairly stock Ubuntu 
system :(

What may help in getting us newcomers up faster is a VMPlayer image that is fully populated and works.

I'll try to do that if I ever get OE or Mokomakefile to do a clean build.

Jim Morris,

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