GSoC Accelerometer-based Gestures Update 8

Paul-Valentin Borza paulvalentin at
Tue Jul 22 08:56:52 CEST 2008

Was in Italy in the weekend, and had no Internet connection, so I'm sending
my progress report with a short delay.

Finished the GUI and connected all buttons to callbacks; did it with Glade.
Still have a problem with gtk's update mechanism for changing a text on a
label. Seems not to update immediately when called from another thread -
only when I touch the touchscreen.
Will remove gesapp from Subversion, which is replaced by gesm (Gesture
Manager) which can run in console mode, or graphical mode.
You'll be more flexible in console mode (as expected), but in gui mode you
can train or create new gestures. This would be enough for the end-user.
Basically a normal user would just want to train the gestures for their
needs and nothing more.

I will make dbus connections this week to associate gestures to screen
rotations, incoming call etc. so that it would be really useful.


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