Developer's personal GIT repositories, advice on finegrained Git permissions anyone?

John Reese jreese at
Tue Jul 22 17:00:12 CEST 2008

Since I didn't realive this list doesn't appropriately set the reply-to 
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Joachim Steiger wrote:
 > if someone could advice in a sane way of having finegraned permissions
 > for a git server as we run it (one vm, multiple repos behind one 

Try Gitosis [1].  It makes running Git over SSH simple, and requires 
only a single physical user on the host machine.  It then differentiates 
"real" users based on SSH key.  It then lets you set up repositories, 
and give permissions to only certain users, or groups of users.  For 
public read access to the repos, you then just set up a generic 
git-daemon.  It's very simple, and automated, and I've been using it on 
my servers for about six months now.

 > then we could also discuss hosting git trees for the community.
 > currently we only provide svn (and cvs if it needs to be) for anyone who
 > wants a repo for a project and doesn't have the resources to host it
 > himself.

This would be a great idea.



John Reese

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