[Test Report : 2008.07.25 ]

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Jul 25 14:24:40 CEST 2008

Hi All,

here you can see the test report for last week (2008.07.18):

This week we focus on those bug which is in_testing.
These are the image we used:
 - 20080720-asu.stable-uImage.bin
 - 20080723-asu.stable-uImage.bin
Root file system: 
 - 20080721-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2
 - 20080723-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2
 - 20080724-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2
 - 20080725-asu.stable-rootfs.jffs2
 - 1.3.2-rc2-dirty-moko12

Here is a short summary so far until this week:
 - The GSM are not totally stable, can check trac #1662. 
 - We got better ringtones which improved the audio while ringing
 - We have AUX red light unstably shining, trac #1482
 - Dialer is working pretty well now, but not perfect, see ticket #1635, we 
are keep working on this see if we can reproduce it again.
 - we have some devices that produce a white screen after Suspend/Resume, 


To engineers:

thanks for fixing bugs, please make sure all the changes are in the stable 
build images, make the ticket as in_testing, than we can test it properly.

Please notice us if you have any question or suggestion.

Best Regards,

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