Openmoko Bug #1193: Severe performance problems with Pulseaudio

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Sat Jul 26 21:34:23 CEST 2008

#1193: Severe performance problems with Pulseaudio
 Reporter:  mjr at     |        Owner:  openmoko-devel
     Type:  defect         |       Status:  new           
 Priority:  high           |    Milestone:                
Component:  Host Software  |      Version:  2007.2        
 Severity:  normal         |   Resolution:                
 Keywords:                 |     Blocking:                
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Comment(by peepsalot):

 Not sure if this is the same issue, but I have a freerunner, and have
 attempted to play some media with openmoko-mediaplayer2.  The audio
 constantly pops and crackles.  Even the touchscreen tap sounds have
 crackles and pops at times.

 Pulseaudio appears to use about 22-24% CPU when playing an mp3, and media
 player uses about 25%
 So while there is still about 50% unused CPU, the audio quality is still

 I'm no expert at linux audio, but it seems to me that running at 50% CPU
 should not cause skipping.
 Is there maybe an audio buffer that could be increased to help with this

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