GPS-Logging and Gypsy

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> Am Dienstag 15 Juli 2008 00:47:24 schrieb Tilman Baumann:
> > some questions about gypsy.
> > Is FSO using gypsy code or only the gypsy api?
> Daniel has details, but the plan right now is to use only the gypsy
> API, since we have to add some extensions wrt. UBX protocol + system
> integration works (gllin, resource management, etc.). Once that's all
> done, we have a good idea how gypsy could be enhanced and see whether
> upstream would be interested to do that.

Basically the gypsy API will just work. Functionality that goes beyond
what gypsy provides will be located under the org.freesmartphone.GPS.

> > And how would gypsy do for gps logging?
> Just listen to the dbus signals.

Yeah, currently a signal is emitted if the current
location/accuracy/whatever packet contains a different value than
before. So If nothing changes you wont get a Signal either. The one
exception is time because I don't want to send that every second for
nothing. The idea at the moment is to just send a TimeChanged signal
once as soon as the time is valid. After that you can request the time
if you so desire.
As for logging I'm not sure it's the job of ogpsd to do the logging.
Better have a program listen to the dbus signals and generate a gpx
file from that.

> > I'm thinking about making a gps tracking software for openstreetmap.
> Sounds good, but I think we already have a couple of openstreetmap
> apps. Could you rather considering enhancing one of these?

Preferable would be a program optimized for mobile devices that already
helps you considerably creating tracks. (Not sure if such an
application already exists in some form)

Some ideas that were in the wiki at some point of time (can't find it
right now):
* Easy recording of streetnames, etc. (The recording will be geotagged)
* Allow creation of nodes/ways on the fly with easy selection of main
features (i.e. you press "New Road" - New menu shows up and you can
select whether it's one-way, the speed limit, record the name and
other remarks, tell the program the way way has ended, a new one begun)

Daniel Willmann
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