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Daniel Willmann daniel at
Sun Jul 27 03:05:40 CEST 2008


I'd like to point your attention today to a project I've been working
on for some time now. ogpsd is the part responsible for managing GPS
functionality in the fso framework.

It aims as being compatible with the gypsy dbus API and provides its
own interfaces for functionality beyond that. There is some
incomplete code for nmea parsing. Support for the ublox chip on the
GTA02 is almost complete (actually any ubx chip, I've been testing with
a Navilock BT-451 connected via USB).
There is some stuff missing from the gypsy API, most importantly the
Control interface. You can, however, already listen for the dbus

I am working on the missing functionality so that normal gypsy
applications will just work. This will hopefully be done by the
beginning of this week.

Zhone is already using the functionality in ogpsd so to try it out just
install a recent fso-image.

On my todo list are
* Implementing the remaining gypsy dbus API
* saving and restoring almanac and ephemeris data to improve TTFF after
  power off
* Adding gypsy support to tangogps
* Make the initial device configuration configurable in frameworkd.conf
  (i.e. dynamics model - automotive/pedestrian, enable SBAS, enable
  almanach navigation, changing acquisition mode)
* Expose some configuration via dbus, for example fixNow capability
  (power save mode), the dynamics model
* Support GTA01, improve NMEA parsing

If someone wants to beat me to any of the points, support is welcome.
I'd especially like to see GTA01 supported rather sooner than later.
I've sketched out the steps for GTA01 support in
If anyone wants to take a shot at that, I'd be glad to help.

Daniel Willmann
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