x in om2007.2

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Sun Jul 27 13:26:03 CEST 2008

Am Sonntag 27 Juli 2008 09:52:57 schrieb sparky mat:
> kinda new here. i noticed that om2007.2 and asu are slower than qtopia
> (the one from trolltech, not the x11 port). i presume its partly
> because X is being used.

It's less a problem of X and more a problem of Gtk+ taking ages to (re)draw 
things on the screen.

> would it make sense to alter gtk+ for om2007.2 to directly write to
> screen? and prolly add some window management i guess..

No, that wouldn't make sense. Then you will force people into using Gtk+ for 
everything. If you don't want that, you will reinvent X, more likely worse 
than what we have now, though. Oh and if you're out of luck, it could be much 
slower, since the framebuffer is pretty much unaccellerated.

> or make X a
> lot lighter.. are we using X.org or X11. what about TinyX?

We're already using it. TinyX is actually kdrive, which is now a part of 


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