GSoC Accelerometer-based Gestures Update 9

Paul-Valentin Borza paulvalentin at
Mon Jul 28 08:20:04 CEST 2008

We've got screen orientation :) working on my Neo. I'll try to release
another package at the end of this week, after I correct some bugs
that Daniel pointed out. There are several bugs that I need to address
before I release another package.
By the way, I really like screen orientation - it's a cool feature.

I've got a major problem with svn over I can't
check out or check in as an authenticated user (not as anonymous) any
more; this happened out of the blue.
Daniel can confirm that it's not working; so i moved my whole source
code to I moved it with svnsync,
so all revisions are still there, but at least googlecode is more

Ah, and I did the dbus interaction for the gesture recognizer. When a
gesture is recognized, the daemon sends a signal with the id of the
gesture, or the position of the screen. And another daemon is
listening and runs xrandr for screen orientation. Unfortunately
landscape mode is unusable :(( due to wrong offsets.

We had a meeting on Thursday for the GSoC and I asked Daniel and
Mickey if it would be ok for the community to send me acceleration
values so that I could train the models.
So, I'll send an email later this week, or the start of the next week
with instructions on what you should do (you meaning whoever wants to
contribute to training the gestures).
You'll have to run a script and do what it says there. It will say
something like this: move the neo to the right etc. and you'll move
it, the app will record the acceleration values, and upload these
files with acceleration values on a server.
Hope many of you will do it :) so that we'll have good gesture recognition.


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