mokomakefile local.conf setting?

Jeff Rush jeff at
Tue Jul 29 04:50:14 CEST 2008

Jim Morris wrote:
> Unfortunately I have not had much success getting OE to build either and so far have been unable to 
> contribute to development.

Same here, for almost a year.  Tried both OE and MokoMakefile - get strange 
things like segfaults in Python or link errors inside building gcc.

> I'll try to report the bug, but there are several bugs I have run into that have been reported 
> several months ago and have not been fixed either I finally gave up on trying to get OE to build.

> I don't know what host systems OE runs on but it certainly doesn't work on a fairly stock Ubuntu 
> system :(
> What may help in getting us newcomers up faster is a VMPlayer image that is fully populated and works.
> I'll try to do that if I ever get OE or Mokomakefile to do a clean build.
> Thanks

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