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Just a FYI about what we're passing on and others are taking up.

''dirk on July 25th, 2008....

With Moblin 2 (which we have talked about in the playground, but not put
out to our community, yet - which is why there’s no discussion on this
on moblin-dev) we decided to move to an rpm based distribution as that
gave us better build tools and most importantly a better way to manage
the licenses under which the individual packages are released. ...''

In terms of Moblin, right when you (and Paul and ...) hit us with the
Reg article, Dirk Hohndel was giving a 'chalk talk' about Moblin.  Greg
DeKoenigsberg, John Poelstra, and myself went to hear and get involved
in the Q&A.  In response to Greg's question ("What can I do for you?"
handing him his business card), and the audience question about why
switching from Ubuntu to Fedora, Dirk's responses were:

* They already interface with Dave Jones and have for some time; Dirk
feels that is a solid and legitimate way to interface, as he considers
them downstream and need to push any changes back up in our direction
and in other upstreams.

* They switched to Fedora because they want to use RPMs ... so they can
build in OpenSUSE's Open Build System.  Greg took more careful mental
notes than I did about the specifics, but Dirk had some functionality
that, "Sorry, Koji does not have."

* He didn't seem to be interested in Moblin as a feature of Fedora, per
se.  He's happy to work as a downstream entirely.

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