mokomakefile local.conf setting?

Rod Whitby rod at
Wed Jul 30 02:15:01 CEST 2008

Jim Morris wrote:
> Rod Whitby wrote:
>> MokoMakefile (MM) is simply a convenience wrapper around the Openmoko 
>> (OM) fork of OpenEmbedded (OE) which sets up your OE environment in a 
>> standard reproducible manner and runs Bitbake (BB) with specific 
>> arguments matching commonly requested build actions.
>> So if MM is able to complete the build of an OM image for you, then 
>> you've already used OE to BB thousands of recipes.
> Thats what I thought, but the OM branch of OE must have fixed some bugs that are in OE proper, 
> because when trying to get OE to build I run into the same bugs over and over, I have seen others 
> report those bugs but never get any answers.

Ah, now you're talking about the different metadata branches:

  OM_GIT_BRANCH :=        # OM2007.2
  OM_GIT_BRANCH := org.openmoko.asu.stable # ASU stable

MokoMakefile can build from any of those different branches.

Now, the syncing of bug fixes between those branches is in the hands of 
the Openmoko staff.

The interesting part of this is that I've been told by Mickey Lauer that 
he doesn't have write access to the org.openmoko.* branches, and all the 
FSO stuff is therefore done directly in the branch 
(which is not controlled by Openmoko, but on the server 
is simply a mirror of the OpenEmbedded project's metadata from the servers).

> There is a bug where they use dir to count the number of files but use the wrong number to check 
> with, I patched that, the current bug I haven't been able to fix is one where it reports
> install: cannot stat `libfl.a': No such file or directory
> when trying to build flex-native. I have seen that reported but no workarounds given.
> I didn't run into any of these problems with MM, so I guess they were either fixed or worked around.
> Do those ring any bells?

It will all depend on which branch you were asking MM to build, and 
whether the bug fixes for those problems had been synced to that branch 
by the maintainers of that branch.

MokoMakefile is just a wrapper.  It doesn't modify or control the 
metadata which determines the build instructions - it simply makes it 
easy for you to choose between the multiple different branches.

-- Rod

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