alsacontrol / mixer applet

smurfy - phil openmoko at
Wed Jul 30 19:10:31 CEST 2008


i currently trying to create a volume control applet for the 2007.02 panel.
it is easy to access the alsa mixer and modify the values,
my problem is  that neod or phone-kit automatically switches alsa stored 
after some events happen (call established, headphones plugged in)

is there a way to detect that a stored file is loaded? (without detect 
that the mixer values runs crazy)
or should i listen to the same events and simple overwrite the settings 
after some seconds AFTER neod or phone-kit.

ps. the idea behind the panel is to give the user max 2 value bars to 
change the volume and mic volume.,
the applet detects headphones and changes the right mixer.



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