OM2008.9 kernel mutex problems

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Sat Nov 1 00:54:35 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi.
| I've noticed that the stable kernel throws up a lot of exceptions upon
| resume related to mutexes.
| I've also noticed that the latest testing kernel seems to have no
| mutex or spinlock support (or something like that), because some of
| the modules refuse to load. So I presume someone is working on this
| problem and has disabled the mutex mechanisms to eliminate it....
| For example, ipv6 and ppp_generic complain about these:
| ppp_generic: Unknown symbol _spin_lock_bh
| ppp_generic: Unknown symbol _spin_unlock_bh

Are you sure your modules belong with your monolithic kernel?

In our build process from git we mark the version of the kernel in a way
that makes it look down a version-specific path in /lib/modules, if we
are not doing this in our packaged kernels you can end up with modules
from a different build of the kernel getting pulled in if you just
updated the monolithic kernel alone and see these kinds of insanity.

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