experimental fastboot images

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Sat Nov 1 18:40:43 CET 2008

On Sat, 1 Nov 2008 16:55:34 +0100, "Michael 'Mickey' Lauer"
<mickey at openmoko.org> wrote:
> Amazing work, Olv!
> I had a similar experience when I (accidantly) exchanged task-base w/
> task-boot. With regards to timing, sysvinit is not the problem here, it
> boots
> quite nice when you remove all the services that are not necessary for
> booting into the UI.
> The problem though is that we're still booting like a desktop system (all
> services launched at boot-time), which we should improve with an
> system like upstart.
> --
> :M:

Indeed there are several things starting during boot that we can probably
defer to on-demand.  Anything dealing with wifi or GPS for example, is just
a waste of load time and scarce memory until/unless actually activated by
the user, IMHO.

I had composed an email a couple months ago regarding memory consumption on
2008.8, but never posted it.  Among other things, I've noticed that hald
and offspring sometimes consume more than 15% of system memory, though
apparently (??) only watching for four distinct inputs?  And sometimes
gpe-scap lingers wasting about 9% of RAM.

But back to the subject at hand, when I disabled some services from
starting on boot (IE wpa_supplicant, gpsd, avahi) there was noticeable
savings on both boot time and memory usage.  I never followed up since my
FR went in for RMA at that time, and when I finally had one in-hand again
there was SHR, FSO, QTopia, Debian, etc to consider, each with slightly
different circumstances.  (lately I've been using FSO, before that SHR,
before that Raster+Frameworkd, with brief tests of 2008.x interspersed)


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