[E-devel] extra margin for etk_scrolled_view

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) raster at rasterman.com
Mon Nov 3 06:45:52 CET 2008

On Thu, 18 Sep 2008 02:42:39 +0800 Tick Chen <tick at openmoko.com> babbled:

excellent! thanks! patch in svn now!

> Hi E-devel List, 
>   I just created a patch that adding extra vertical and horizontal margins for
> etk scrolled view.
> Sometime we may want to have some extra margin for a list (like ipod
> touch does), and this patch provide this possiblility. 
> After thinking for a while I think this part is much more scrolled_view
> specific, I do not implement the scroll_margins_get and implement that
> in etk_scrolled_view. Besides IMHO scroll_margins_get provide half
> margins, it does not full fill my need. 
> We may be able remove scroll_margins_get from etk_widget, since no one use it 
> and it were little bit unfinished. 
> There added four extra functions:
> void        etk_scrolled_view_extra_vmargin_set(Etk_Scrolled_View
> *scrolled_view, int margin);
> int        etk_scrolled_view_extra_vmargin_get(Etk_Scrolled_View
> *scrolled_view);
> void        etk_scrolled_view_extra_hmargin_set(Etk_Scrolled_View
> *scrolled_view, int margin);
> int        etk_scrolled_view_extra_hmargin_get(Etk_Scrolled_View
> *scrolled_view);
> The default extra margin is 0. It wont effect anything if you do not
> touch that function. 
> You can setup the margin to vertical and horizontal with different
> values. 
> I also add some code to etk_scrolled_view_test.c.
> It's very easy to use. 
> Cheers, 
> Tick

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