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> Mathieu Rochette wrote:
> > Hello,
> > 
> > As I use enlightenement on my desktop and illume is now in trunk, I
> > tried to  launch illume on desktop.
> > That works very well with the script provided. however, I don't know
> > how to show the keyboard, the 'qwerty' button does net seems to work
> > :s
> > How can I do that? is it because there is a real keyboard connected?
> > that will be hard to remove my keyboard from my laptop :p
> IIRC illume checks hal for keyboard devices, and doesn't show the 
> onscreen keyboard if there's a physical one connected. I guess this may 
> be a problem for laptops with a tablet mode.

it depends on your "desktop" or "laptop" basaically if it sees a usb keyboard
device - it disables the kbd. on your desktop do this:

echo "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/*" > \

and bingo. it'll work. illume's default ignore_built_in_keyboards file tells it
to ignore wired-in stuff like AT,ps/2 etc. keyboards, but not usb. (find the
ignore file installed and see). it's just a device path from hal with a glob as
to what to ignore when determining if u plugged in a hardware keyboard (in
theory it should also NOT ignore bluetooth keyboards - so attach one of those
and vkbd disables too).

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