Android openness, was Re: Android codebase - Patch set #1

akrk1986 akrk1986 at
Tue Nov 4 18:45:13 CET 2008

Excuse me for being a noob (which I am in this context), but how do I apply
the patch?

I assume it's done with git-apply, but when I run it, it fails to find the
Maybe my git repository is corrupted?

I followed the instructions in the Android download & build source page
( to the letter - installed all required
installed repo, synced the git repository, and I was able to compile the
but now when I'm trying to apply the patch, I can't.

I also assume that I need to download the sources of GCC and apply the GCC
patches as well.

I'm running on Ubuntu 8.10.

Thanks in advance (and RTFM response are OK :-)

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