Android image and some instructions

Álvaro Lopes alvieboy at
Wed Nov 5 21:40:28 CET 2008

> This will take time to get down right, but hopefully now you will all be 
> able to begin playing with Android.

Hi Sean, hi all,

I has finally able to boot it and have something on the screen in my GTA02. Pretty much impressive. :) Thanks a lot for your work there. Took quite a few boots
for me to be able to see anything on the screen, don't know exactly why.

I do have some notes about it:

	* Took me quite a while to figure out that in "ADBHOST=neo", "neo" was indeed the IP address of the freerunner :) Should have been smarter. Anyway, I think you
can easily clarify that on your page.
	* Do you have those needed kernel patches around ? Although I don't have a debug board I think I might have some spare time to try "fixing" the resume issue,
even if it means merging other people (Andy,...) patches.
	* There seems to be no display acceleration. Can the community help in anything here ?
	* Keyboard: is there anyone working on a on-screen keyboard atm ? Again can the community help ?

Just another quickie: Jon [afaik] would like android to be "production-ready" this month, do you still think this is feasible ?

Again, thank you (and Koolu team, maybe others) a lot for your work,


> Cheers,
> Sean
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