Android image and some instructions

Alexander Mueller XelaRellum at
Thu Nov 6 11:17:39 CET 2008

I think, Android is trying to "blink" the background. This happens, e.g. 
when you entered a (always) wrong pin number. So maybe it would be a 
good idea to disable this blinking stuff (who needs it anyway).


Alastair Johnson schrieb:
> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>> Álvaro Lopes wrote:
>>> There seems to be no display acceleration. Can the community help in anything here ?
>> Needed? I've not tested Android yet, so for what would you use it?
>> BTW I figure that android writes on framebuffer...
> For many operations the performance is good, but for some you can see 
> the repaints going on, often several times. It doesn't just look bad; 
> you get held up having to wait for the widget to draw before you click it.
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