[Testing Report : 2008.11.07

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Nov 7 11:43:34 CET 2008


this week's bug status just like this:
#2110: [Installer] the arrow to go back to previous page was gone

#2098: [illume] unable to close location & installer application
#2099: [Location] Location function is not able to use
#1634: [Assassin]"Update"&"Uninstall" button didn't lock up while installing

There's no staticstic this week, because there's not much change these days. 
If you want to know any status about our bugs, please write an mail to us, we 
can tell you where is the small change.

The new test planing is on the road.
We will keep maintain Om2008 list every day, look if there's any progress. 
Just won't put full time on it as there's no critical changes.  

Oh, and we tried put Android image into Neo, you also can try to do that. :P

Please feel free to give us question or suggestion.


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