[FSO] Dbus, AT RAW access

smurfy - phil openmoko at smurfy.de
Tue Nov 11 18:18:42 CET 2008

Hey List,

This is a Dbus question for GSM and sending my own at commands.

Here a small background story:
i'm the author of http://projects.openmoko.org/projects/om-homezone/ and
i want to port it for SHR (fso hybrid).
i currently checking out the dbus calls for a simple illume gadget.
The problem i discovered with my homezone tool was and still is, that
the gsm module of (my) gta02 only receives ONE CellBroadcast message
after "enabling" cellbroadcasts.

The problem is that just disabling and enabling cellbroadcasts does not
work. my workaround was to disable the event generated by the gsm modem
for cellbroadcasts with: AT+CNMI=2,1,0,1,0 and reenableing it after some
seks with AT+CNMI=2,1,2,1,0.

after that i receive one CB. and i could detect if i in homezone or not.
i do the off/on thing every time i switch cell towers.

So as the detection for homezone allready implemented to FSO (and seems
to work) i just write a gadget and get my workaround working with DBUS :)

My Problems are.
- i only found a dbus function to enable the storage of sms not
- i can't find a dbus signal which gives me the info after i switch the
celltower (even getStatus don't return lac and cellid)
- alternative i can't find a function to manually send AT command over dbus.

thanks for any help, tipps.


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