distro package wishlist

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Fri Nov 14 14:19:54 CET 2008

Dear distro makers,

there is a number of packages I'd love to have in the daily feed.
They come in three groups:

- for WLAN configuration, it seems that we'll need wmiconfig soon.
  I think Mickey has already made a .bb file for it.

- for the upcoming GSM installer, we need a decent server-side X
  font, e.g., helvetica-bold-r-*-*-32

  I think the package would be xorg-fonts or some subset thereof:
  (Thanks to Holger for the pointer !)

- last but not least, I've made a little utility that puts together
  a rootfs from precompiled packages, using opkg-target. It's in

  The "engineering" image I make with it tries to avoid busybox and
  installs "full versions" of the respective programs. Unfortunately,
  not all the necessary packages are in our feed. Here are the things
  I'm looking for and where I would find them on Ubuntu or Gentoo:

  Ubuntu name     Gentoo name     What I'm looking for    
  --------------- --------------- --------------------    
  net-tools       =               ifconfig, route
  iproute         iproute2        ip
  iputils-ping    iputils         ping
  dnsutils        bind-tools      dig, nslookup
  traceroute      =               traceroute
  psmisc          =               killall
  tar             =               tar
  coreutils       =               df, env
  debianutils     which           which

The wmiconfig and the X fonts are somewhat urgent. The packages for
myroot can wait.

Thanks !

- Werner

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