testing report (with hardware conclusion)

Wendy wendy_hung at openmoko.com
Fri Nov 14 15:15:09 CET 2008


first of all let's welcome our new testing memember- Sushama Kailash, who came 
from India. We will have her self introduction later when she get Openmoko's 
email account.  Welcome on board, Sushama. :)

Testing team this week is doing audio quality test with hardware engineers.
The result here is QA team's point of view, not incloud hardware detail:

About the audio of GTA02 we made a test to see if the A7 met the same stander 
as BlackBerry curve or A6 reowrk, hope this can help you to have a more clear 
picture to see what we need next.

We used the Om2008 testing image which has additional AT commands 
* A7+capacitor+testing image 1
* A7+capacitor+testing image 2
* A7+capacitor+Factory image
* A7 without capacitor+testing image

* A7+capacitor+testing image 1,2
  - rarely have buzz
  - clear voice
  - overall experience is acceptable, second best to the A6 rework results 
from yesterday.  

* A7+capacitor+Factory image
  - volume low
  - loud noice almost cover my voice
  - no buzz

* A7 without capacitor+testing image
  - have some buzz
  - volume is normal  
  -  white noise is very obvious, overall experience not as good as with the 
added capacitor. 

QA's conclusion:
A7 plus capacitor with Om2008 testing image install is good,  but it has 
noise (not too loud, but you can hear that), rarely has buzz and the vioce is 

Decisions on whether either of these options are a go for production have yet 
to be decided. 

Hardware's conclusion:
After added a capacitor, the volume and the noice both reduced 5dbs at the 
same time. (Please see attach file)

Feel free to ask questions. :)

Wendy and team 
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