2008.11 Qs

Joel Newkirk freerunner at newkirk.us
Sun Nov 16 06:27:18 CET 2008

questions regarding the plans for 2008.11:

Do you intend (or hope) for 2.6.28 kernel by then?  I'm eagerly awaiting
that for the plethora of webcams whose support is now in-kernel instead of
out-of-tree module builds (in that regard, /please/ offer download of every
single possibly-usable kernel module ;)  I'm also eager to be able to
utilize qi bootloader without losing audio.

What about the ever-worsening networking issues? (specifically DNS &
default route)  It seems that with each successive release of each image
(OM 2008.x, FSO, SHR) things get more messed up wrt networking instead of
improving.  Resolvconf broken or absent, default route conflicts being
'solved' in shortsighted ways, routes and DNS blindly blowing away current
settings instead of augmenting, etc.  If each network interface properly
utilizes resolvconf and default routes are prioritized via route metric
then we reach a place where networking 'just works' most of the time.

While I'm on the networking kick: Can we please please please rethink the
whole usb0 idea?? Either shrink it to /30 with host/GW at, or use a different net entirely - that's THE most utilized
private subnet on earth, meaning the most likely to engender conflicts and
headaches.  192.168.0, 192.168.1, 192.168.6 and 192.168.2 are the most
common /24s on small ethernet networks (read: set up by consumers, not
gurus), roughly in that order - best to just avoid them completely since by
design we're turning the host PC into a dual-homed system which has IMHO
better than 95% chance of having one of those four networks on the 'other
side' from the usbnet, as well as conflicts within the FR itself when wifi
uses 192.18.0.  (.1, .6 and .2 seem more common default on retail wifi
routers though - they're usually clever enough to avoid the #1 - it only takes a few hundred support calls to realize
THAT's a mistake easily avoided...)


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