Calypso firmware update (work in progress)

Dieter Spaar spaar at
Sun Nov 16 21:01:52 CET 2008

Hello Werner,

werner at wrote:
> By the way, one thing we still have to determine is if we'll need
> different firmware versions for GTA01 and GTA02.
> moko8 even had different versions for GTA02v5 and v6, but that's
> just the hardware reported and a timestamp. (See below. I guess we
> should change the HW part of the CGMR response to simply GTA02.)
> The binaries of the GTA01 and GTA02 versions for moko8 differ
> wildly, so I'm not sure how much of a real difference is there.
> Dieter ?
I was not aware that there are different "moko8" firmware version for GTA01
and GTA02 (was "moko8" even available for GTA01 ?). From the recovered
source code of "moko6" it is not obvious that different hardware versions
(GTA01 versus GTA02) have to be considered. Maybe there were different
source code trees for each hardware and we found only one of them or the
difference is really just the version string returned ? Anyone remembers
GSM  related differences between  GTA01 and GTA02 ?

You mentioned already that FLUID has to be used differently on GTA01, is
this something related to FLUID itself or the way how the UART connection
is handled in GTA01 ?

Best regards,

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