Calypso firmware update (work in progress)

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at
Mon Nov 17 01:13:29 CET 2008

Am Mo  17. November 2008 schrieb Dieter Spaar:
> Hello Werner,
> werner at wrote:
> > By the way, one thing we still have to determine is if we'll need
> > different firmware versions for GTA01 and GTA02.
> >
> > moko8 even had different versions for GTA02v5 and v6, but that's
> > just the hardware reported and a timestamp. (See below. I guess we
> > should change the HW part of the CGMR response to simply GTA02.)
> >
> > The binaries of the GTA01 and GTA02 versions for moko8 differ
> > wildly, so I'm not sure how much of a real difference is there.
> > Dieter ?
> I was not aware that there are different "moko8" firmware version for GTA01
> and GTA02 (was "moko8" even available for GTA01 ?). From the recovered
> source code of "moko6" it is not obvious that different hardware versions
> (GTA01 versus GTA02) have to be considered. Maybe there were different
> source code trees for each hardware and we found only one of them or the
> difference is really just the version string returned ? Anyone remembers
> GSM  related differences between  GTA01 and GTA02 ?
> You mentioned already that FLUID has to be used differently on GTA01, is
> this something related to FLUID itself or the way how the UART connection
> is handled in GTA01 ?
> Best regards,
>   Dieter

To the best of my knowledge there is no difference in calypso between GTA01 
and GTA02, though they are connected in a different way to CPU. Ergo: calypso 
firmware should be identical.
Anyway I will try to make sure with Tony and Harald today. (GTA01 was before I 
joined ;).
If I can find a GTA01, I simply will test. Either it works or it breaks, don't 
think there are subtle differences that would go unrecognized.

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