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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello Andy, Werner,
| On 2008 November 14 Friday 21:43:44 Werner Almesberger wrote:
|> Andy Green wrote:
|>> Christopher Hall has something like this that generates the test rootfs
|>> also from stock packages.  He will be putting it in git shortly I guess.
|> Thanks ! He should brag a bit more about the good things he's
|> doing :-)
| If it were a dozen lines of carefully crafted Haskell, I probably
would brag
| (just a little), but 3 files of shell script :)

It's a valuable piece of the jigsaw puzzle, for example the recovery /
backup filesystem for GTA03 is going to need to be cooked the same
way... and the more living and used that script is the less chance it
bitrots (eg, where to wget from, minimal packageset can change, etc).

|>> It's the basis of the verification / production test / qualification /
|>> enduser test action rootfs that will ship with future devices.
|> Perfect. With a little luck, we should be able to make something
|> that can also make images for developers, etc. Such a rootfs maker
|> is really quite a cornucopia if you think of it - and it also
|> takes much of the sting out of OE :-)

| I have finally checked in a version into the gta03-test-suite.git.  I
| it until I figured out how to get the static device node. John Lee pointed
| out the file I needed for this.  So hopefully it will now generate
| something that can boot.  I will attempt to test it today.


- -Andy

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