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Mon Nov 17 15:59:19 CET 2008

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Hi again,

I just wanted to specify my question a bit more.
Paroli comes in several pieces right now and I am trying to find the
best place for each.

One piece is the application suit i.e. dialer, contacts, I/O etc, which
I would like to make installable via opkg either as a collection or in
separate packages (although I would prefer the first option).

The second for now is the edje oriented gui. As it is not exactly the
same as the etk module I think it should stay separate from that one. It
is, imho, too different to be completely integrated in the etk one.
I would like to merge that into the tichy main repo as another option
alongside etk, gtk etc.

Still I am uncertain how to get the package built etc.


> Hi,
> I am not sure if this is the right list to ask about this but it seems
> to be the most suited.
> As of now there is no easy way to get paroli installed anywhere and I
> would like to change that, however I am inexperienced when it comes to
> open embedded.
> I think the best would be a package in the repos, easily installable
> which then also adds the respective files in tichy and activate the
> corresponding mode (see mail @devel: tichy launcher) etc.
> How would I go about that?
> Thanks,
> /mirko

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