Calypso firmware updater infrastructure (and myroot update)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Nov 20 01:58:19 CET 2008


good news: the framework for the firmware updater should be pretty
much done now. As we've agreed to use only IDs, no hashes (*), I've
removed the latter, and you can now generate a bootable SD card image:

Now that it's no longer just me playing with it, perhaps we shall move
this elsewhere, perhaps trunk/src/host/calup/ ?

"calup" uses myroot to build the rootfs. There, I've added support for
making bootable SD card images:

Right now, I've only tested this with GTA02 and u-boot, but things may
or may not work also on GTA01 and/or with Qi.

(*) Background: the first idea was to only consider two firmware
    images as identical if their content hashes to the same value.
    However, this is difficult to get right in real life, because
    there are subtle differences (e.g., build timestamps or the
    ill-placed machine name) that would break such a hash.

    So instead, we'll just use the firmware's version number, which I
    call ID here.

- Werner

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