Calypso firmware updater infrastructure (and myroot update)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Nov 20 10:51:51 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Have you considered working with Christopher Hall's test rootfs script?

Yes, of course.

> What's actually missing from Chris' script that you need?

There are mainly three differences:

- we're at different stages of development - I'm already using mine
  to produce all kinds of fully-featured systems (i.e., the ones I
  use daily for development).

- I take a more additive than subtractive approach

- Christopher's opkg-target wrapper is a lot cleaner than mine

What things like Christopher's system or myroot really are is an
environment to run opkg-target, a way for the user to specify what's
needed (usually in the form of a script), plus all the glue bits
that make the system run.

So I consider the goals of myroot three-fold at the moment:

1) give me a rootfs that helps me with development instead of getting
   in the way
2) provide a foundation for the Calypso firmware updater (and I may
   spin off other similar images, e.g., for WLAN)
3) do the trailblazing for the underpinings of a long-lived solution.
   I.e., the packages from my feed wishlist, the opkg cache, and
   perhaps some of my scripts will also be useful for Christopher.

So I expect both systems to converge and perhaps to merge completely.

By the way, in case this sounds like some monstrous system - it isn't.
The core (myroot), my customized configuration, plus all the image
builder scripts together are less than 700 lines, less than 400 without
blanks and comments :-)

- Werner

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