Calypso firmware updater infrastructure (and myroot update)

Andy Green andy at
Thu Nov 20 11:02:43 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Have you considered working with Christopher Hall's test rootfs script?
| Yes, of course.
|> What's actually missing from Chris' script that you need?
| There are mainly three differences:
| - we're at different stages of development - I'm already using mine
|   to produce all kinds of fully-featured systems (i.e., the ones I
|   use daily for development).
| - I take a more additive than subtractive approach
| - Christopher's opkg-target wrapper is a lot cleaner than mine

DM1 / 2 experience was that stuff not getting used much bitrots fast and
becomes scary, just trying to avoid this happening to either of these
projects... we definitely can't afford it to happen to the production
test framework again.

The differences you mention didn't strike me as stopping us just using
the one solution, it boils down to "I'm used to mine" which is a fair
point since it costs to change horses, but it's worth thinking on a bit.

FWIW I also knocked together a script to do this just before Chris wrote
his (to make the GTA03 initial rootfs for SD Card, it took the tarballs
out of the opkg directly via ar) and have abandoned it in favour of his.

- -Andy
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