[FSO] add QCT msm7* modem support

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Sat Nov 22 17:49:07 CET 2008

Hi Andy,

> Just curious about this "machine name" concept, what does it actually
> address?  

This is what you give to OE as the MACHINE settings, it defines things like
* jffs2 params for the rootfs
* flash size
* serial tty setting
* preferred X server
* machine capabilities in general (phone, screen, keyboard, usbhost, ...)

This MACHINE setting is also used as OVERRIDE for config file in packages such 

mickey at localhost:/local/pkg/oe/openembedded$ find . -name om-gta01

> It has become clear lately that we need single rootfs image
> that deals with several types of device, is that what it actually does?

While a single rootfs image is very appealing, our experience says it only 
works well on device families where the siblings are _very_ related.

(It may work for gta01 and gta02, but we're also talking about machines like 
the Motorola EZX series here or the Zaurus family which have dozens of 
somewhat similar, but still too different variants)

Of course you can try to achieve most of this with runtime configuration and 
shipping stuff for all variants, but you will run into limitations, 
especially regarding flash size.


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