problems with calypso firmware update

Michael betheg at
Sat Nov 22 21:04:39 CET 2008


the instruction on the wiki are good and i have followed this up to the
fact that i use a minimal Debian (so i can say there was no access
to the GSM Modem) instead of the fso-console image.

The firmware update has startet after i do "s3c24xx-gpio b7=1",
however the update process was interrupted, first on this point i
had a problem than any try to update hangs on the
Bootloader: (reset target) the "s3c24xx-gpio b7=1" had no effect.

A few "echo 0 >power_on" "echo 1 >power_on" instead of
"s3c24xx-gpio b7=1" had done the trick and i am not sure if the
FLUID_FLOWCONTROL=h needed or not.


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