rootfs image making

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Nov 24 10:04:55 CET 2008

Hi Christopher,

by the way, once the rootfs is done, how do you turn this into an
image ? Do you just mount the uSD card and copy the files ?

For myroot, I made the following three scripts:

- mkjffs2: generates a JFFS2 image for GTA01 or GTA02 NAND

- mkext2: makes a file containing an ext2 file system with the content
  of the rootfs plus a user-selectable amount of free space

- mksd: takes a kernel and an ext2 image and generates an SD card
  image containing a partition table, a FAT partition with the kernel
  if using u-boot, and a partition for the ext2 file system

mkext2 and mksd both are designed for the production of images one
can download and copy directly to the device. Thus, they don't take
into account device size (because it's unknown at the time the
image is made, and the same image may be used with different

The JFFS2 image doesn't have this size issue because JFFS2 uses the
whole device, even if the image is smaller.

- Werner

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