Openmoko Bug #1841: white screen of death (WSOD) after resume

Niklas Johansson raphexion at
Mon Nov 24 12:57:44 CET 2008

My system with WSoD

S/N:    8B8804335
DATE:   20080822

> I think it's the temperature. Freerunner was over night on the heating and
> wakes up without WSOD. Same test on the table there is a WSOD.

I tried to heat my freerunner, since I get the WSoD in normal temp, but I
can't get ride of it. I get the WSoD after ~ 5min (always).

> Nicolas: About the locking, yes it can make trouble because the
>  framebuffer blanking action that calls through to jbt6k74 code now is
>  async to resume action in jbt6k74.  But if this was the problem, a
>  subsequent use of that reset /sys node should clear it, since that reset
>  code does a physical hard reset of the LCM similar to boot init, and we
>  NEVER see WSOD on boot.  But I get the feel this WSOD thing is super
>  sticky and the only thing that impresses it is reboot which is knows
> about
>  somehow.

I get a quick WS(oD) when I am booting up my freerunner. It flashes and the
continues like normal. 

Question to the temp-guys (great work by the way):
What happens if you take the "frozen" FR that displays WSoD, backinto resume
and "heat" it for a while, can you resume normal then?
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